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Privacy Policy
Article 17 of the General Terms and Conditions refers to this privacy statement, which describes how Ego Lifestyle deals with registration information. The registration information that Ego Lifestyle collects includes the following: name and address information, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth. If the consumer makes use of the webshop, he/she also assents to the terms and conditions that apply with respect to this service and agrees that Ego Lifestyle will collect registration information and possibly other additional information.

Who we are
This document provides more information about the privacy policy of the provider, Ego Lifestyle.

What follows is an explanation of what we do with the personal information you provide (i.e. all the information that identifies you as an individual person and which is referred to as “your information” in the description of the privacy policy). The privacy policy applies to all the information that we collect from you by means of the websites accessible through www.ego-lifestyle.com. The privacy policy does not apply to the websites of any other organisation or person to which/whom we offer a hyperlink. In other countries, other legislation and regulations apply to the collection and use of your personal information.

How we collect and use your personal information
We collect your information in various ways. First of all, we collect the information with which you provide us yourself (e.g. when you fill in information about yourself on the online form when you want us to correspond with you, process an order, handle a purchase (webshop) and/or send you a newsletter). In general, we use the information you provide to process requests or orders, to discover what your personal preferences are, and to link these preferences with products and services relevant to your needs or to the promotional activities of Ego Lifestyle.

We also use your information for purposes relating to interacting with us (as described above). With your permission, we (and, if applicable, our partners or other trusted third parties) use your information for marketing activities, market research, analysis and other related purposes. It is up to you to determine the degree to which you permit us to use this information for these purposes.

Included in these purposes are:
• Communicating with you from time to time by e-mail and (if you provide us with the relevant information by means of the website or in any other way) by mobile phone (by SMS messages or, if your mobile phone offers you the possibility, by means of EMS or MMS messages or similar technologies) or by mail by sending you information, special offers, newsletters which you have requested, and any other material in which you could be interested.
• Making your information available to trusted partners and third parties for the same purposes as described above. If these parties are located in a non-European country where other or less strict legislation and regulations apply to the protection of your privacy, we will inform you of this in advance so that you are in a position either to allow or refuse this use of your information.
• Conducting market research, an example being to ask you to participate in a survey that we or a trusted partner or third party is conducting about current topics or certain themes. Before you participate in a survey, we will always tell you what will be done with the information that you provide for research purposes.
• Making it possible for us or third parties who operate on our behalf to analyse your information; this analysis does not involve identifying you as a user, but is intended to obtain statistics to determine trends in the use of our sites in order to improve them.

Automatic collection of information
In addition to the information that we collect about you as described above, we (as do many other websites) also collect information by using cookies. Cookies allow us to collect such information as log-in information, e-mail address, access code, the Internet Protocol (IP) address that was used to link your computer to the Internet, the type and version of your browser, the operating system and platform you use to make a connection, cookie number, the parts of the site you have visited or what you have searched for, the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) of the sites through which you have visited our sites, and the page where you left our sites along with the time and date.      

When using most browsers, you can click on ‘Help’ in the toolbar when you want to find out how to change your computer’s settings, e.g. when you want to be informed every time you receive a cookie or when you want to refuse all cookies. When you refuse all cookies, however, certain parts of our websites may not work.

Revising or removing your information
The information with which you have provided us is used to personalise our correspondence, to be able to tailor our services better to your wishes, and/or to handle the purchasing of products. You can revise your information at any time or have it removed, unless your information is still needed to handle the purchase of a product. You can revise or remove the information with which you have provided us at any time as follows:

To remove the information with which you have provided us for the purpose of requesting information, for a purchase that has been settled, or for a newsletter or other form of interaction with us, you can send an e-mail to question@ego-lifestyle.com, being sure to provide the following information in the text section of the e-mail message:
• Your name
• The e-mail address under which you are registered
• Your registration number
• Your user name (if applicable)
• Your order number, name of the newsletter or other form of interaction

To have your information entirely removed from our database, send an e-mail to question@ego-lifestyle.com, being sure to provide the following information in the text section of the e-mail message:
• Your name
• The e-mail address under which you are registered
• Your registration number
• Your user name (if applicable)

Whenever we contact you (e.g. when we send you a newsletter that you have requested), the bottom of the e-mail message will usually provide the address for Ego Lifestyle, Parade 15, 5211 KL located in ’s-Hertogenbosch that you can use to let us know that you no longer wish to receive that particular newsletter or other form of communication.

Whenever you want to pass on revisions concerning your personal information or preferences or if you have questions or comments regarding privacy-related matters, you can always send an e-mail to question@ego-lifestyle.com.

Other disclosures
Ego Lifestyle reserves the right to furnish access to your personal information and to disclose it to comply with applicable legislation and regulations; to comply with legitimate requests from governmental authorities, organisations or persons who are engaged in law enforcement or parties whose request we deem reasonably justified in connection with any allegations made by any party with respect to your misuse of our services; to have our systems function properly; or to protect ourselves or our users.

Our sites can contain links to other websites. Although these sites are evaluated in regard to their reliability, Ego Lifestyle accepts no responsibility for the privacy regulations and/or the content of these sites.

We have taken measures to ensure that the security of your information is properly safeguarded. These measures include limiting the number of people who have physical access to our database servers and using electronic/separate operating security systems and access codes to prevent anyone from obtaining unauthorised access to your information.

Transfer of business activities
In the unlikely event that we would sell or otherwise transfer all or part of our business activities to another party, we reserve the right to transfer your information as part of the business assets

Changes in policy
We will try to keep you informed by e-mail of any changes in policy that would have a substantial impact on how we use your information. We encourage consumers, however, to deal responsibly with their privacy and thus to view for themselves and on a regular basis as to whether the privacy policy has been revised and to make changes in their preferences as desired.

Registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority
Ego Lifestyle has registered its processing of personal information with the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague (correspondence address: PO Box 93374, 2509 AJ The Hague; visiting address: Prins Clauslaan 20; e-mail address: info@cbpweb.nl, website: www.cbpweb.nl).

Should you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, you can always contact us at the address below.

Ego Lifestyle N.V.
Rietveldenweg 49a
5222 AP s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

P +31 (0)73 680 20 50
F  +31 (0)73 680 20 51
W www.ego-lifestyle.com